Table Questions


What is you turnaround time?

It usually takes us about 4-6 weeks to finish an order.

Can you do custom orders?

Definitely! We love doing custom orders! Just contact us either through the website's contact page, call, email, or even on Facebook. We'll try to touch base with you as soon as we can. 

Can you color match to any color I want?

We have a wide selection of stains we prefer to work with. We may not be able to exactly color match, but we can help recommend a color that compliments your space!

Do you guys make just tops or frames only?

We sure do! Just message us and we'll find the right top or frame for you!

Can you make tables with metal frames or glass tops?

We can build tables with metal frames. However, with glass tops, not so much.

 What's the largest table you guys are able to make?

Currently the largest rectangular table that we have made measures at 14 feet in length. The largest round table we have done measures at 84 inches in diameter. However, contact us and we can talk about availability to do bigger. 

What's the minimum length you guys are willing to make?

There really isn't a minimum length that we can do, however the smallest table that we have made was a 4ft in length dining table! 

How wide do you recommend the tables to be?

We recommend 36" - 45" wide depending on the length that you want your table and the size/layout of the room that it is going in! 

What's a good table length to fit a family of 6?

We have found that a 6' X 36" table fits a family of 6 the most comfortably! 

How many people can you fit around a 48" Round Table? 60", 72" and so on?

For a 48" round table 4 people, for 60" table 6 people and for 80" table 8 people. However, depending on how close you want each person to be as well as the size of you chairs, this number may vary by one to two people.  

On average, how much do the tables weigh?

This really depends on size on the table and the wood that you chose to go with for your furniture! 

Are your tables childproof when it comes to splinters or sharp edges?

Our tables are generally safe. If you have kids, let us know, and we'll try to sand the edges as smooth as possible.




Deliveries, Pickups, Shipping

Do you offer delivery or shipping?

We do offer delivery depending on if you within 40 miles of our Denton location for $125-150. However, we do not offer shipping at the moment. 

How can I be eligible for free delivery?

If you spend over $1200 and live within our 40 mile range, then we will offer free delivery. 

Can you deliver or ship out of state?

Due to our high volume of orders and small team it can be tricky to delivery out of state. But feel free to message because if we can, we would love to!

On the day of delivery, can you move my old dining table so that I can have the new one in place of that?

We prefer the old dining tables to be moved beforehand so that we can carry the new dining table in as efficiently as possible upon arrival. However, if you struggle to move the old dining table on your own, then we'll gladly help.

If I'm picking up our tables, what kind of vehicle should I use?

We highly recommend trucks because of their large beds. SUVs might work but you might need to take the seats out for the table to fit in. However, entry tables might fit just fine without having to remove the seat. They also fit well in sedans. If these options don't work, we also recommend borrowing a friend's trailer or renting one from U-Haul. If none of these options work, feel free to schedule a delivery with us. 

If I'm picking up an order, do I need to bring anything?

You don't necessarily need to bring anything but we would definitely recommend blankets/moving blankets so that it protects the table and vehicle from scratches. For trucks and trailers, we highly recommend straps to tie down the table from moving around in the bed or from ending up in pieces on the ride back home.

For more information, visit our Delivery & Pickups page!

Maintenance Questions


Is it sealed?

Every single table is sealed with three coats of polyurethane.

How do you take care/clean of the table?

The best way to keep your table in pristine condition is to either use a damp rag, Pledge or Orange Glow for maintenance. However, a wet rag will work just as well.

When using Orange Glow, spray on the towel and gently wipe the table. That way you won't have overspray and have slippery floors.

How do I move my table around without having it scratch the floor?

We suggest putting felt pads on each legs so that they slide around easier. Generally on deliveries, we put felt pads on each leg to prevent scratching on the floor and level off the table incase of uneven flooring.

Should I worry about water rings?

Not at all! Our three coats of polyurethane protects the table for water/cup rings. 



Other Services

Do you do installs?

Unfortunately, we don't do installs at this time. 

Do you make chairs too?

At the moment, we offer a small selections of chairs but most commonly do benches. If you want to know more about chairs, send us a message! 

Can you build other bedroom furniture like desks, bed frames, end tables, drawers, or closets?

We can definitely make desks whether it's at home or office.

Can you build living room furniture like cabinets, coffee tables, shelves, chimney mantles, or TV consoles.

Yes, we do! Just contact us to learn more! 

Can you build kitchen furniture like kitchen islands, cabinets, dog crates, etc?

Yes, we do! Just contact us to learn more! 

Do you provide tables and desks for businesses as well?

We sure do! We have done various large scale orders for businesses local to where we are located! Just get into contact with us to learn more! 

Do you build product displays?

Yes! We have made product displays for Buc-ees for three years now! We have also done product displays for stores local to Carrollton. 

Do you offer bulk deals?

Yes! Contact for more info to work out a deal with us for your needs!  




Do you offer refunds?

Deposits are nonrefundable due to the fact that they help pay for the materials needed to make the table as well as our employees! However, the remaining 65% can be returned along with your piece of furniture as long as it is as close to the condition at the moment of drop off. This refund expires after 30 days of completion of your purchase. 

Do you offer warrantees?

Within four weeks of delivery we offer to cover the cost of materials to fix your item. All you have to do is cover the cost of labor and trip fee if applicable 
Within 30 days - 180 days we will fix your item however, you will gave to pay for the cost of materials and labor  
After a 180 days have past, the warrantee on your item has ended. You are more than welcome to contact us and we might be able to help you out on a DIY fix but, we will not be covering any cost to fix your item. 

    What if I don't like the stain color I chose and I want to choose another color?

    We do charge a 10% fee to re-stain! So, we do our best to help you get exactly what you want the first time.