Design Your Furniture

     Navigating the creative process can be daunting, but fear not – at The Woodhills, we're here to co-create your custom furniture piece that seamlessly complements the style of your home and business. Our step-by-step customization options make the entire process more accessible and straightforward for you.  

Quick Overview: Design + Size + Stain + Wood = Your Custom Furniture

1. Find the design or product you like!

*Scroll to the bottom for questions on new inquires and designs


2. Determine dimensions. 

*The pictures below are guides for dining tables. 

dimensions and sizes for modern dining table


3. Choose your stain

See more stain options here!

options of stains provided

4. Choose your wood type


5. You can purchase directly from our website or send us an email to complete your custom piece!
  • We want to ensure your custom piece will fit the style of your home along with the size of your space. We welcome any and all questions!


Are you still not sure about which wood or stains?

  • We can ship samples straight to you! You can choose up to 6 swatches in a box for any variables. Please send us an email at

Don't need a table? Keep reading!

  • If you are inquiring about a design you do not see on our website, follow the steps above and send us a message with your specifications. This will allow us to help create the perfect piece together!