Step One: Size & Seating
Step Two: Wood Type 
Pine $ Naturally Yellow with various knotts Soft Wood Strong tendency to expand and contract over time based on different environments. 
Alder $$ Rosey with large knotts typically filled with epoxy or wood putty Hard Wood Great entry option into a hardwood. The knotts are perfect for a rustic aesthetic. Alder has a strong resistance to moisture. 
Maple $$$ Light smooth grain with little to no knotts  Hard Wood  The strongest of the hard woods that we offer. It is perfect for those trying to achieve a very light stain. However over time with UV exposure, maple tends to slowly get golden with age. 
Step Three: Stain
Picking a stain can be tricky and scary! However, we designed this page to give you the most accurate look at what your piece of furniture is going to look like with the stain that you choose! Still nervous, leave us a message on our contact page and allow us to help! 

 Jacobean A classic brown stain! If what you are wanting is simply just a good brown stain, than Jacobean is the stain choice for you! It has a little bit of warmth however, it pulls mostly cooler tones! It is a classic and that is why we love it! 
Brairsmoke Just like the name says, this stain is smokey without being grey! It is an amazing neutral! It isn't too yellow, too grey or too red! The smokey effect makes it look beautiful in most settings and lighting variations! 
Dark Walnut If you aren't wanting to go with such a dark brown like Jacobean, than dark walnut may be the stain for you! Dark walnut is popular in all of our styles however, it is most seen with those who are here for the rustic vibes! 
Provincial Have floors that pull red tones? This stain is perfect for that! This stain pulls more red than yellow and is perfect for many spaces! While still being in the brown family, provincial definitely runs more red! 
Special Walnut This stain is transparent enough to really see the natural grain of the wood while still being a caramel brown! It is another neutral shade that really doesn't pull one way or another! It has the lightest pull of yellow from the natural color of pine! 
Classic Black Unlike a black paint, with this stain you can still see the natural grain of the wood. On pictures it can look solid black but this stain still allows you to very subtly show off the beautiful grain on the wood! 
Ebony A black but not completely black stain! This stain allows you to see a lot more of the natural wood compared to classic black! If you are wanting more of a dark weathered stain, this is the stain for you!
Teakwood This is our own custom stain! It is the most popular stain giving such a versatile look. Teakwood brings out grey tones in the wood however, it also allows the underneath to show more brown. This stain can look very light in window lighting however, with warm artificial lighting it really brings out the warm brown tones underneath the grey! It's almost like magic and that is why we love this stain!