Pine has a creamy-white tone with a yellow-ish hue and rugged knots. Pine is the most common wood type that is chosen by customers to use due to its cost and versatility with stain. 


Grain & Knots

Pine wood has very noticeable knots throughout the wood and has a straight grain. This works well for the country style furniture however, with the rugged look, it matches with many different kinds of styles. 


Rustic Hickory Veneer: Random Planked Hickory Wood Veneers Panels | Oakwood  Veneer Company



Density and Durability

The density and durability of wood is often measured by the Janka Test which is a steel ball pressing against a block of wood to measure the amount of force for the steel ball to go halfway through the block. 

Pine wood has a score of 380 meaning, this wood is sturdy however, if you have children or animals this type of wood might not be right for you. 




The Downside to Pine


Unlike the hardwoods, Pine has a stronger tendency to contract and expand based on different environments such as humidity. Some times this can be seen in 2 weeks, 6 months, or it may take years. We do our best to prepare and prevent the wood from contracting and expanding however, this is completely natural for all wood types. If you are interested in using a type of wood that is less likely to have this issue, we recommend using alder. 

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