Cross Leg Maple Round Dining Table
Cross Leg Maple Round Dining Table
Cross Leg Maple Round Dining Table
Cross Leg Maple Round Dining Table
Cross Leg Maple Round Dining Table
Cross Leg Maple Round Dining Table

Cross Leg Maple Round Dining Table

Regular price $3,650.00

Our Cross Leg Dining Table is made to inspire creativity and simplicity. The design process took nearly a year for us to perfect as we focused on the joint where the three legs come together. The stability of this table was our top priority, followed by the goal to keep a thin material for the frame. Made with our selection of Maple wood, this table has become what we believe to be the perfect combination for anyone to enjoy.



When we began to explore a design like this, we realized that creating a simple frame with only three legs would be much harder than we realized. The build of this table is made around the joint where the three legs meet. We knew we wanted to preserve as much integrity as possible. This led us to create a unique puzzle joint. From the middle of the base, the legs extend up to the table top and down to the ground at an angle that is sharp, seamless, and soft to the touch.



As no two kinds of wood are exactly the same, we work with a 3/8" - 1/2" tolerance level. This tolerance allows us to ensure the detail, durability, and more importantly, your satisfaction stays at the top of our priority list. This table comes in 54" in diameter combined with a standard 30" height for comfort, We recommend a chair seat height of 18". If you are interested in a custom/exact size, color, or slight variation, please feel free to contact us.

ONLY 54"D x 30"H



Given the extreme angles, material choice, and design. This table is fully assembled for pick up or delivery. 



Maintenance is very easy! For your daily use, we like to recommend a damp soft cloth or napkin to clean minor smudges or spills!

Great Options for Daily Use

  • Mrs.Myers
  • Murphy
  • Method Wood For Good Daily Cleaner

Every Few Weeks

  • Pledge
  • Orange Glo

However, please avoid using disinfecting sprays/wipes as they can eat away the finish of your table.


  • Hard Maple
  • White Oak
  • Red Oak
  • Knotty Alder
  • Superior Alder
  • Furniture Grade Pine

This table is made from Maple. Natural characteristics such as knots and cracks are not too common with this wood but may be present. If you would like to switch to another wood, feel free to contact us and we'll see what we can do! We're here to make your visions for your home come to life!


  • Locally Handcrafted in Carrollton, TX
  • Details that can be appreciated, from the hours spent sanding your table smooth to the spray-on stain ensuring an even color and the satin sheen which provides the exact amount of shine and protection.
  • Multiple forms of joinery which you can't see but ensure our table will test time.
  • Your choice of stain to best fit your home



  • Do you offer Pickup, Delivery, & Shipping?
    • Yes Yes Yes
  • What's the largest size you can make?
    • 54" Diameter ONLY
  • What's your lead time?
    • 8-10 weeks
  • Can we upgrade to a different wood?
    • Yes, contact us for more details!


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Reason one

We care about you! Allowing our customers to have input, customization and creativity makes us one of the best. We want you to have a piece of furniture thats lasts forever and can be passed down for years!

Reason two

You're supporting a small business! By shopping local you are promoting and growing our small business! And to think, 6 years ago we started out of a garage!


We handcraft each and every part of our furniture, which makes this an experience from start to finish. We want our customers to feel included.