The Woodhills begun as a personal project at the garage of my home to create some small designs for family and friends.

I didn't imagine this will be the beginning of discovering my passion for the wood and creating designs for local customers and now selleing them nationwide.

My name is David Velazquez and I am 19 years old , I like challenges that allow me to learn new techniques and designs to I always make sure my customers are satisfied with the end products.

Thanks for the opportunity to introduce "The WoodHills" and if there is any specific custom requirement, please sen us a message and we will make your idea(s) to a end product.


David Velazquez Jr.
We create custom and handmade designs for your home, office, patio, yard, etc.

Each design is created with techniques and tools to make them uniques for you.

Our designs include signs, flags, tables, crosses, worldmaps, furniture, etc.

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